Volunteer Spotlight- Mike Robinson

Each month, we spotlight one of our amazing volunteers by having them tell their story in their words. This month, we shine the light on one of our Board members, Mike Robinson.

My story is simple. I am a member at Palm Valley Lutheran Church, and the church has been supporting Backpack for a good number of years. I really did not know anything about Backpack until Jim Dufner, who heads up Backpack for our church, told me what the organization did. Although I had heard of Backpack and supported it through the church, I really did not know the details until Jim filled me in. I was stunned. As former Mayor of Round Rock, I could not believe we had as large a population as we do of people who would be hungry on the weekends, especially kids. As I looked into the details of how Backpack works, how many kids we help, how many more kids need our help, I knew I had to get involved somehow. That’s when I met Kathy and Beth and volunteered to be on the Board. The time I give is minimal as compared to the real volunteers who prepare the backpacks and those who deliver food to the schools every week during the school year. These volunteers, as well as Kathy and Beth, are, as far as I am concerned, truly the definition of Angels. Thanks to all of the people who give money to buy the food but a really big thank you to the folks who prepare and deliver the food every week. I am truly Blessed to be a small part of this great organization. -Mike

Mike is a very humble man. His "minimal" time has maximum impact. As a Board member, he focuses on outreach, and his numerous presentations in the community has led to greater awareness of the childhood hungry problem in our area, an increase in volunteer requests, and several fundraising opportunities. We couldn't do this without him! - Beth

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