August What's New at Backpack

Wow! This is going to be a great month! School starting, volunteers getting into the swing of things, renovations... there's a lot to talk about!

School starts on August 16th, and our first distribution is September 7th. To get ready for the school year, we ask that a representative from each of our partners attend the Partner Kickoff Meeting at FUMC Round Rock at 4pm on Sunday, August 19th. If you are a partner and have questions about this, please contact Kathy or Beth for details.

Volunteer registration for the Fall semester opens up on August 15th. This year, we have the Just Serve registration for individual volunteers, and we will have a group registration form on our website to help facilitate sign ups. Please check our volunteer page after the 15th for more information.

As was mentioned in our summer update, we are doing some renovations to our portable on the Round Rock High School campus. We want to express our thanks to the anonymous donor who provided the funds to replace the flooring in the portable. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Thanks also to the volunteers who came in and pulled up all of the old carpeting, the contractors who are providing the labor to get everything prepped, and Jennifer Clinton and the YMSL volunteers who are coming in to lay the new floor!! You are all too awesome for words!

Time for a quick story. A couple of months ago, I (Beth) was contacted by someone from Dell about a volunteer opportunity. He had a large group at Dell who wanted to do a concentrated volunteer emphasis in August. When I say large, I mean... well... HUGE. Long story short, we will have between 150 and 200 volunteers come through our doors during 16 work sessions from August 20-30. WOW!!! What will they be doing? Just about everything- moving all of our equipment into position, hanging white boards and monitors, decorating the portable, organizing and setting up our office space, picking up our first food orders, and building kits. At first, I was a little worried about having enough work for them, but, with the renovations we have going on, their timing could not be more perfect! Thanks, K. Briggs, for offering up the GCCS group for this! I can't wait!

Plans are underway for a HUGE fall fundraising campaign. Leadership Round Rock has organized a corporate Olympics event for us on September 21st at the Round Rock Sports Center. If you'd like information about attending this event or volunteering, please send us a note through our comment form.

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