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The Backpack Coalition

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The Wakeup Call

Earlier this week, a middle school counselor approached me. The guardian for a family of siblings had called her asking how to get all the children in the family enrolled to receive ‘weekend backpacks’ of food from our organization. My immediate reaction was indignation: We are not an entitlement program that parents can ask for; ours is meant to be a program for the students a school’s faculty recognizes as being most at risk for weekend hunger.

God, forgive me for that... internal reaction and thanks for the fact that I didn’t voice it; in the next moment I was shamed by it.

It seems two of the children are elementary students being served by our program, the other three are in middle- and high school. Every weekend, they have been watching the younger ones come home with food and eat while they are hungry, too.

This is the reality and the pain of poverty in this nation and, shamefully, it is mostly hidden from view and just as quickly judged as I did…and I’m someone who should know better. No matter how a child winds up in this position, no matter why the parents or guardians can’t or don’t provide, these are the innocents who pay for that mistake or shortcoming.

This is only one story of the many I know, only one family. Giving Tuesday is December 1 this year. Join me in making sure ALL the children eat this weekend and the next. The Backpack Coalition does more than fill bellies, it offers hope and heart connections through the volunteers who touch these lives and that touch ours in return. And it offers the very real possibility that we can Feed the Future and change lives, now and in the years to come.

Is $5 a week too much to pay for that possibility? I don’t think so.

Kathy Ford
Backpack Coalition Chair 

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